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LiuHeMen (Six Harmonies Kungfu)


A branch of Yue style Shaolin Kungfu.

Combining soft and hard, internal and external techniques.


LiuHe is based on the combination of the six harmonies.

Externally cultivate hands, eyes and body.

Foot corresponds to Hand,

Elbow corresponds to Knee,

Shoulder corresponds to Hip.


Internally cultivate essence, energy and spirit.

Mind leads Intent,

Intent leads Blood,

Blood leads Qi.


LiuHe training develops an ideal state of health,

protecting and increasing the body's energy,

allowing one to master the art of self defence and retaliation.


This leads to a superior level of martial arts skill,

total freedom of movement,

a healthy body and a long life.


Eyes go with the mind,

Mind goes with the Qi,

Qi goes with the Body,
Body goes with the Hands,

Hands go with the Feet,

Feet go with the Hips.


LiuHe movements are firm, forceful, steady and precise.

The head moves like an inquisitive ghost,

the chest sinks in defence and extends in attack.

The body floats, sinks and soars,

jumps like a cat and dodges like a dog,

rolls like a rabbit and turns like an eagle. 


When one part moves, Every part moves.

When one part is still, Every part is still.
Move when the opponent moves, Move like an avalanche.


Grandmaster Wan Lai Sheng initially trained LiuHeMen under

Zhao Xin Zhou later progressing into ZiRanMen training under Du Xin Wu.

He later constructed a curriculum of LiuHeMen forms

he felt most appropriate for developing skills as a martial artist. 

So in this way, Wan Lai Sheng's LiuHeMen curriculum could be seen as the foundation for the study of contemporary ZiRanMen.


Grandmaster Wan Lai Sheng once said: 

All Kungfu requires a deep understanding of the principles of LiuHe.

Without this deep understanding, ones Kungfu will not be solid.


LiuHeMen training consists of strength and flexibility training,

internal and external training; 

Encompassing the body, the mind and the spirit (SanBao).


Through the study of Shaolin LiuHeMen forms and applications,

one can successfully apply these techniques in physical combat.


Specific forms (TaoLu) traditionally taught within the

LiuHe-ZiRanMen curriculum are:


LiuHeMen Empty Hand Sets

Wu Bu Quan - Five Stance Fist

Ying Yong Quan - Basic Fist

Liu He Dui Lian - Six Harmony Two Man Fighting Set

 Da Liu He Quan - Six Harmony Fist

Hei Hu Quan - Black Tiger Fist

Qing Long Quan - Green Dragon Fist

Zi Mu Lian Huan Quan - Mother and Son Interlocking Fist

Jian Hua Tai Ji Quan - Simplified Taiji Fist

Zhang San Feng Tai Ji Quan - WuDang Taiji Fist


LiuHeMen Weapon Sets

Feng Huang Jin Chi Dan Dao - Golden Phoenix Single Wing Saber

Ba Xian Jian - Eight Immortals Straight Sword

Ying Yong Gun – Basic Staff

Jiu Zhou Gun – Nine Province Staff

Liu He Qiang – Six Harmony Spear

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