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SanDa (Free Fighting)

SanDa is a combat sport, commonly referred to as Chinese kickboxing.

It is regarded in the broader sense as a martial art, which has its origins in the Chinese militaries close quarters combatives (CQC). 

SanDa techniques include, though are not limited to:

Da - (Upper-Body Striking) 
Ti - (Lower-Body Striking)
Shuai Jiao - (Wrestling and take-downs) 
Qin Na - (Seizing and Locking)

SanDa allows the practitioner to develop certain attributes, both physical and mental. Providing the practitioner the ability to quantify their martial skill-set within the realm of  reality based physical combat.

SanDa training here at the academy is performed in a safe environment, open to any current practicing member of LiuHe-ZiRanMen.


SanDa Full-contact Sparring sessions are strictly by *Invitation Only.

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