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TaiJi Quan (Supreme Ultimate Fist)


TaiJi Quan (TaiChi Chuan) is widely practiced throughout the world today.

This unique system is famous for its ability to enhance a practitioners health,

increase relaxation and reduce stress, while promoting longevity of body and mind.


Often overlooked as merely a form of soft and slow exercises for relaxation,

this unique form of internal KungFu is regarded as its name translates

(Supreme Ultimate) as the highest level of skill of any of the Chinese martial arts.






Based on Taoist philosophical principles, 

observing the natural processes in nature. 

Emptiness overcomes Fullness,

Softness overcomes Hardness,

 Fluidity overcomes Rigidity.

Harmonise Internal and External,

Move with Continuity,

Seek  Stillnees within Movement.


TaiJi is a Martial art based on the principles of yielding and neutralizing,

overcoming an opponent's force with the path of least resistance.

The slow, circular movements of TaiJi strengthen all parts of the body,  

improving flexibility, coordination, balance and conditioning, 

while keeping the mind active, maintaining a strong spirit.




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