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ZiRan QiGong (Natural Style QiGong)


Qigong is an ancient Chinese health care system dating back over 2500 years.

It has evolved overtime to become a holistic method of healthcare, linked primarily to the evolution of Chinese medicine and Taoist/Buddhist spiritual practices. 


Qigong is a vast and complex art, involving various methods or sets of exercises similar to that of Traditional Yoga, yet it is uniquely and wholly of its own.


The aim is specific to which ever outcome is intended, whether for

self-regulation, longevity health practices or internal/spiritual cultivation. 


It is the art and science of using breathing techniques, gentle movement along with focused intention, and meditation to cleanse, strengthen, and circulate the life energy known as Qi. Qigong practice leads the practitioner toward better health and vitality and a tranquil state of mind.


ZiRan QiGong follows the path of spiritual liberation.

Tian, Ren and Di (Heaven, Man and Earth). 

Become one and return to the Tao, the infinite.

This is the path of NeiDan (Internal Alchemy).


ZiRan QiGong principles follow three stages of development.

Level One

Strengthening Jing (essence) to convert into Qi (energy),

Level Two 

Cultivating Qi (energy) to convert into Shen (Spirit),

Level Three

Enhancing the Shen (Spirit) to transform into WuJi (nothingness). 


Specific methods traditionally taught within the

ZiRan QiGong curriculum are:



ZiRan WuJi Shi 

(Body Re-Modeling Method)

Regulating (Ren Mai), while re-modeling one’s front like that of a valley (Yin).

Regulating (Du Mai), while re-modeling one’s back like that of a mountain (Yang).

(Including The Three Phases Breath Methods)

Natural breath pattern

Reverse breath pattern

WuJi breath pattern


Shu Jin Qing Jing Gong

(Tendon & Meridian Cleansing Method)

An Qiao (Massage and stretching)


Cheng Jin Ba Gu Shi

(Stretching Tendons & Pulling The Bone Method)

Internally - (mind without mind)

Externally - (body without body)

Outside world - (matter without matter) 


Nei Yang Gong 

Part 1

(Qing Jin Gong)

Tu Na Gong (Internal exhaling cleansing method)

Nei Zhuang Gong (Internal Yang Qi strengthen method)

Qing Gan Dao Qi Gong (Liver, Spleen and Kidney regulating method)

Pei Yuan Gong (Lower DanTian opening method)


ZiRan QiGong

Level 1

Recognition and Interconnectedness


ZiRan QiGong

Level 2

Cleansing and Space Creating


Shaolin BaShi QiGong

(Shaolin Eight Movements QiGong)

Nourishing the internal to strengthen the external,

harmonising both internal and external, creating unity power.


Wu Xing QiGong

(Five Element Qi Gong)

Utilising the five phases to internally nourish the Zang and Fu


Tao Jia Qian Ba Zuan

(1008 Drills)

Stretch the tendons, harmonise the flow of Blood and Qi to lighten the body


ZiRan Xin Zhai

(Seated Tranquility Meditation - Ziran Mind Fasting)

Cultivating Qi to convert into Shen


The natural state of water is clear and pure, 

though it can be made turbid by the soil. 

The disposition of man is serene and tranquil, 

though lust and desire can disturb it. 

Only when the room is empty,

is there space to expand. 

Life's journey will be bright,

and intuition awakened.

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